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Buckwheat Hull Pillow - Sweet Dreams Small

Buckwheat Hull Pillow - Sweet Dreams Small

$ 65.00

 Buckwheat Hull Pillow - Sweet Dreams

Small 17 x 21 

  • This pillow is made from 100% cotton and is generously filled with 4 lbs. of premium, triple cleaned, certified organic buckwheat hulls.
  • Pillowcase Included 
  • This pillow is made with a zipper so the hulls can be easily adjusted, giving you a custom fit for your neck and head.
  • If you take some out, store your extra buckwheat hulls in a paper bag to avoid static cling from plastic.
  • Small 17″ x 21″.
  • Buckwheat Hull Pillows are naturally cool.  There is lots of air flow. 
  • No more sweaty neck and head. 
  • Highly recommended by chiropractors for folks with neck pain. 

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