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Shambho Organic Pillow

$ 65.00

Wool and Millet Hull Fill  

  •   Patented two chamber construction
  •   One chamber Pure Eco-Wool
  •   The other chamber is Organic Millet
  •   Encased in Organic Cotton Sateen
  •   Hypoallergenic
  •   Organic Sateen Cotton pillowcases also available.  $17/pillowcase
  •   Size: 17” x 11” x 4.5”
  •   This pillow is simply divine


Place the pillow on your bed with the wool on top for 4” of loft. If you are broad shouldered and need more loft, rotate the pillow a quarter turn so that it sits on its side with the wool facing you. In this position the SHAMBHO Pillow also makes a great headrest to prop yourself for bedtime reading. For a softer feel and less support you can easily open the zipper and remove some of the hulls. 


  • The millet hulls wrap around your neck to provide excellent spinal alignment
  • The wool gently cushions while regulating your body temperature
  • Side zipper allows you to adjust the height for back or side sleepers
  • Millet hulls are not softer than buckwheat hulls, but they do feel more velvety because they are so tiny, round, and smooth.
  • Excellent for those sensitive to the sounds of shifting buckwheat hulls

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