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Futon Mattress - Really Firm 6"

Futon Mattress - Really Firm 6"

$ 195.00

This futon is made the old fashion way without an inner core.  The Poly-Cotton Batting gives this futon a firm and supportive feel  with just enough give to be comfortable.

  • Made from 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester Batting. No Inner Core Material. 
  • This combination gives you a Firm Mattress. 
  • Available in 6" only.  
  • Choose from two different kinds of material. Encased in either  DUCK MATERIAL (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester) in Natural, Khaki or Black
  • The side seams measure 5 inches
  • Extremely well made and durable
  • Meets fire Retardant Standards with borates and there are no flame retardants in the duck material.
  • Weight of Futon: Twin 40 lbs., Full 47 lbs., Queen 56lbs. 
  • Made within 2-3 business days (on average) and shipped directly to your door.
  • Free shipping in the lower 48 states.

A Quick Comparison Guide of Really Firm Futon, Classic and Plus 

Really Firm Futon Mattress - Most Economical 

  • Filled with 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester Batting
  • No inner core. 
  • Firm
  • Encased in Duck Fabric
  • Borates used as Fire Retardant
  • Works best as a firm mattress, not recommended as a sofa.  

Classic Futon - Mid Range Price 

  • Filled with Cotton-Poly Batting wrapped around the Textile Pad Core
  • Medium Soft Firmness
  • Encased in Polyester Cover
  • Borates Used as Fire Retardant
  • Use as a Mattress or as a Couch

Plus Futon

  • Filled with Cotton-Poly Batting wrapped around Polyurethane Foam Core
  • Medium Firmness, slightly firmer than the Classic Futon, not as firm as the Really Firm Futon.
  • Encased in Duck Fabric or Upholstery Grade Material
  • Borates used as a Fire Retardant
  • Use as a Mattress or as a Couch

IMPORTANT NOTE: Futons need to be opened when you receive them.
Your  Futon Mattress is compressed into a box for shipping. The longer they stay in their box, the harder it is for them to re-loft, think of them as inflating, by getting air back into the fibers. Do not leave them boxed even if you are not going to use them for a while. Open up the box, unwrap it and Let it Breathe!

The Care and Turning of Your Futon

Your futon will arrive compressed from shipping. Importantly, do not let your futon sit in the box for too many days without opening it. To regain its natural loft, remove the plastic and let the futon air for a day. You may want to give it a whip shake to bounce air back into it. Your futon will last and last for years to come when it is turned, flipped and re-lofted on a regular basis. This will insure that it will wear evenly.

Futons love to be aired out to avoid moisture build up. When making your bed, pull back the covers and let your mattress breathe. If possible, periodically pull your futon out into the sunshine. Smells Rarely are there any smells at all in your futon. Airing out your futon when you open it, will help dissipate any smell from shipping. Some people detect an "earthy" smell of the raw cotton fiber. Colored futon covers may have a very slight smell from the dye. These are low impact dyes and this too will go away when aired.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests are forwarded directly to the manufacturer. Cancellation requests are not accepted on items that have shipped or been prepared for shipping. A refusal of your futon at delivery will be credited back to your original payment method MINUS round-trip shipping charges. These shipping charges are quite hefty and set by FEDEX.  

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