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Pillows - Body Pillows - Organic Kapok Body Pillow With Cover - Medium Size

Organic Kapok Body Pillow with Cover - Medium Size

$ 155.00
* Organic Body Pillow 14” x 48”  Rectangular  Shape 
* INCLUDED: Organic Sateen Cotton Pillow Case 
* Filled with 100% Organic Kapok Fiber
* Hypoallergenic and Resistant to Dust Mites and Mold
Benefits of a Body Pillow for Men and Women
* Replaces the Need for Multiple Pillows in Bed
* Hypoallergenic & Resistant to Dust Mites and Mold
* Receive Relief from Lower Back Pain
* Naturally Improves Alignment of the Spine
* Relieves Bones from Compressing due to Gravity
* Reduces Potential Bedsores by Reducing Pressure
* Improves Blood Flow while Sleeping
* 100% value for your money
The Perfect Pregnancy Pillow
* Prevents you from Rolling on your Back
* Encourages Baby to Position itself for Birth
* Assist in Optimal Blood Flow to Mother & Baby while Sleeping
* A Mother’s Blessing recommended by Doctors 
* 100% value for your money
After Birth the Pregnancy Pillow
* Cradles Baby to Sleep
* Supports your Low Back & Shoulders While Sleeping
* Supportive Nursing Pillow Alleviating Neck Strain
Caring for Your Kapok Body Pillows
Our Body Pillows maintain their shape for years to come. To keep loft in the kapok fibers they can actually be put in dry into a dryer and let them spin on high heat for about 10 minutes. 

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