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Nomad Furniture - Vista Platform Bed

$ 539.00

The Vista's curved & elegant headboard measures 20" tall 

  • Matching footboard is available with one straight and one curved piece
  • Headboard is slightly wider than the width of the legs by about 1/2" 
  • Side Rails measure 3.25"
  • Premium Upgrade side rails measure 5.75" (see photo below)
  • Vista photo is shown here in Bamboo.  Bamboo wood is no longer offered.
  • Available in Oak and Maple.  NO King Size
  • This Frame measures 12” from floor to top of bed slats
  • Excellent Slat Set made of un-finished, un-sanded, furniture grade Poplar Hardwood
  • These Slats are 2” wide and are spaced 3.2” apart
  • Standard frames fits mattress 7-9" Thicker Mattress Options available below.
  • Depth measurement from the top of Slats to top of side rail is 1.75"
  • A box spring or foundation are not essential
  • Internal connectors used to assemble the frame
  • Sizes Twin, Full and Queen.  NO KING. 
  • Customized options and fees listed below. Call 800-778-2998 to special order.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All frames come Finished with Danish Oil. IF you want unfinished, let us know by linking to the "Add a Note" on the Cart Page where you review your order before payment. Click on: "Add a note" and a comments box will appear.
  • Each Bed is Made to Order
  • Standard Production time 4 weeks
  • Rush Orders: 1 week, $45 Double Rush, 2 weeks, $24 Standard Rush. CALL 800-778-2998 to place your rush order
  • Matching Under Bed Storage Drawers Available
  • Matching Bedside Tables Available
Premium Upgrade Vista Platform Bed 

The Vista Premium Upgrade side rails and footboards are wider measuring 5 3/4", and they are all at the same height. 

  • The wider rails adds more strength
  • Choose from beautiful hardwoods of Oak, Bamboo, Caramelized Bamboo and Maple
  • Premium upgrades gives you Cleaner Lines
  • Available in Twin, Full and Queen Only.  Sorry, NO KING size in this model

Custom Options Available: To customize your order, Call us at 800-778-2998

Slat Set Options

The standard frame comes with furniture grade poplar wood slats spaced 3.25” apart. You may desire extra support. One option is the Premium Slats Upgrade spaced 1.58” apart, or the you can purchase Filler Slats spaced .5” apart. Extra slats are often recommended for Latex and Foam mattresses.

Premium Slat Set

  • Twin $38
  • Full and Queen $54

Filler Slat Set

  • Twin $78
  • Full and Queen $128

Headboard Gap Options

Standard frames come with headboard gaps to accommodate mattresses measuring 7-9”. If you have a thicker mattress, you can increase the gap between the slats and the bottom of the headboard. If you have a box spring you will need to choose the 10" gap. Please do measure the gap you need.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you select BOTH the added mattress gap of 7" or 10" AND the extra Bed Height, you MUST also choose the Premium Upgrade with the wider side rails in order to maintain the strength and durability of the frame.
  • Standard 7"-9" $0
  • 3” gap for mattresses 9-12” thick. $30
  • 7” Gap for mattresses 13-15” thick. $38
  • 10” Gap for mattresses 16-9” thick. $45

Bed Height Options

The standard platform height is 12”, with a 10.5” under bed clearance. You can opt for a 3” higher frame giving you a 15” height and a 13.5" under bed clearance. You can also lower your frame to 8” or 5” with respective under the side rail height of 6.5” or 3.5”
SPECIAL NOTE: If you have selected BOTH the extra Bed Height and you have added a 7" or 10" Headboard Gap option, you MUST also choose the Premium Upgrade with the wider side rails in order to maintain the strength and durability of the frame.
  • Standard
  • 3” higher $30
  • Subtract 4” $30
  • Subtract 7” $30

Matching Foot-Boards 

  • Twin $50
  • Full $50
  • Queen $50

Y-Leg Support

The Full and Queen Sized frames are built with center support rails.  

Y-leg supports can be purchased for $15 each. 

Platform Dimensions 

  • Twin Outside Dimensions
  • Width 41.5” Length 78.5” Headboard 38”
  • Made for twin Mattress  (39x75)
  • Full Outside Dimensions
  • Width 56.5” Length 78.5” Headboard 38”
  • Made for a Full Mattress (54x75)
  • Queen Outside Dimensions 
  • Width 62.5” Length 83.5” Headboard 38”
  • Made for a Queen Mattress (60x80)
To Assemble Your New Platform Bed
The frame is delivered straight to your door ready for assembly.  The headboard is not pre-assembled.  For this Mission Style Bed we recommend having two people available. An extra set of hands is helpful. 

A #2 Phillips Screw Driver and a rubber mallet OR regular hammer are tools you will need.  The bed is constructed with shoulder screws. For a snug fit, the side rails and headboard are tapped lightly into place. You are provided a wood tapping block to use with your hammer so you don't mar the wood.   

You will have written directions to follow in your package. Do familiarize yourself with all the parts by first laying out all the pieces, then follow the step-by-step basic assembly instructions. 

Our Furniture Making Process

Your Mission Bed Frame is made by Nomad Furniture in Albuquerque, NM.  Each frame is made to order, since each frame is available in four different hardwoods, different sizes, different headboards and for different mattress thicknesses. 

Please Note: Hardwood is a natural product that can vary in color, grain and texture. Nomad Furniture does a great job in matching the exposed wood as best as possible. Unseen parts like the slats and inside pieces may have small defects.  This does not effect the function of the bed. 

When ordering your platform bed frame

Our furniture does not come assembled. These are knocked down frames that are easy to ship and to assemble.  It is fun to put one of our platform beds together. The Mission Frame can be assembled within 30-45 minutes.  The process cannot be rushed. We have received many letters from young people to the elderly telling us that they not only assembled their bed successfully but how much they loved the process and appreciated Nomad Furniture’s quality workmanship.

Upon receiving your Platform Bed

Much care is taken to package your frame so that no damage will occur during shipping. Rarely have there been any problems. It is in your best interest to make sure that everything goes right with the shipments.

As soon as FedEx delivers your boxes, do examine the box for any unusual damage. If there is damage, take pictures before opening the box. Then, open the box and take a look at the parts. Look and see if there are any damaged parts and take pictures before removing the parts from the box.  Damage is quite rare, but photos are the best way to communicate with us. 

If there are damaged parts

In the rare occasion if there is damage, call us as soon as possible and email us with pictures of the damage. If it is our fault, we will replace or repair the parts quickly.  If the damage is the result of the shipper we need evidence to make a claim. PLEASE do not return the bed without authorization. If a bed is returned without authorization, you will be responsible for all shipping costs plus the cost of any parts damaged in shipping.


We guarantee all of our products to be free of defects in materials or craftsmanship. During the first 60 days most problems will be evident.  Call us for return instructions and we will pay the freight.  After 60 days of normal use, simply return any part that is defective and we will repair or replace it at no cost for the parts to the original owner for 5 years.  Freight charges after 60 days are not included in this warranty. 


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