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Nomad Furniture - Sandia Platform Bed

$ 350.00

 Sandia Platform Bed

   We believe we have the lowest prices on the internet.   

 Old Fashion Values of Honesty and Integrity are built into every frame.

  • This Popular Dowel Headboard sets off the Sandia Platform Platform Bed
  • These Dowels are 1/2" in Diameter, strong enough to lean into while you read or watch TV in Bed.  In 25 years, no dowel has never broken. 
  • Standard Frame made for 7-9" mattress.  Thicker mattress options  below.
  • Fantastic for your Latex Mattress, Futon or Conventional Mattress
  • Superior Slat System made from un-finished, un-sanded furniture grade, Poplar Hardwood 
  • Standard Slats measure are 2” wide and spaced 3” apart
  • Available in Red Oak, Hard Maple 


  • The top of the Bed Slats measure 12" from the floor
  • The standard side rails shown here are 3.25" wide; while the upgraded model is 5.75" wide
  • The side rails attach with shoulder screws so there are no exposed connectors
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All frames come Finished with Danish Oil. IF you want unfinished, let us know by linking to the "Add a Note" on the Cart Page where you review your order before payment. Click on: "Add a note" and a comments box will appear.
  • Depth measurement from the top of Slats to top of side rail is 1.75"
  • Custom options listed below: Call 800-778-2998 to place your custom order
Premium Upgrade Style: Side rails & footboards measure 5 3/4" and are at the same height. 
  • Same wonderful hardwoods: Red Oak and Hard Maple
  • Side Rails and Footboards Both Measure 5 3/4" vs. 3.25" on the standard
  • Premium Upgrade Adds Strength as well as Clean Lines
  • Delivery Time 4 weeks, Rush orders available

    CUSTOM OPTIONS: To customize your order Call 800-778-2998

    Custom Slat Set Options

    The standard frame comes with furniture grade poplar wood slats spaced 3” apart. You may desire extra support. One option is the Premium Slats Upgrade spaced 1.58” apart, or the you can purchase Filler Slats spaced .5” apart. Extra slats are often recommended for Latex and Foam mattresses.

    Premium Slat Set

    • Twin $38
    • Full and Queen $54
    • King/ Cal King $68

    Filler Slat Set 

    • Twin  $78
    • Full & Queen $105
    • King and Cal King $128

    CUSTOM Headboard Gap Options

    Standard frames come with headboard gaps to accommodate mattresses measuring 7-9”. If you have a thicker mattress, you can increase the gap between the slats and the bottom of the headboard. If you have a box spring you will need to choose the 10" gap. Please do measure the gap you need.
    SPECIAL NOTE: If you select BOTH the added mattress gap of 7" or 10" AND the extra Bed Height, you MUST also choose the Premium Upgrade with the wider side rails in order to maintain the strength and durability of the frame. 
    • Standard 7"-9" $0
    • 3” gap for mattresses 9-12” thick. $30
    • 7” Gap for mattresses 13-15” thick. $38
    • 10” Gap for mattresses 16-9” thick. $45

      Bed Height Options

      The standard platform height is 12”, with a 10.5” under bed clearance.
      You can opt for a 3” higher frame giving you a 15” height and a 13.5" under bed clearance. You can also lower your frame to 8” or 5” with respective under the side rail height of 6.5” or 3.5”
      SPECIAL NOTE: If you have selected BOTH the extra Bed Height and you have added a 7" or 10" Headboard Gap option, you MUST also choose the Premium Upgrade with the wider side rails in order to maintain the strength and durability of the frame.
      • Standard
      • 3” higher $30
      • Subtract 4” $30
      • Subtract 7” $30

      Matching Foot-Boards 

      • Twin $50
      • Full  $50
      • Queen $50
      • King & Cal King $65

      Y-Leg Support

      The Full and Queen Sized frames are built with center support rails. The King and Cal-King frames have two center rails. 

      Y-leg supports can be purchased for $15 each. 

      Platform Bed Frame Sizes

      • Twin Outside Dimensions
      • Width 41.5” Length 78.5” Headboard 35”
      • Made for twin Mattress  (39x75)
      • Twin XL  Outside Dimensions
      • Width 41.5” Length  83.5”  Headboard 35”
      • Made for Twin XL Mattress  (39x80)
      • Full Outside Dimensions
      • Width 56.5” Length 78.5” Headboard 35”
      • Made for a Full Mattress (54x75)
      • Queen Outside Dimensions
      • Width 62.5” Length 83.5” Headboard 35”
      • Made for a Queen Mattress (60x80)
      • King Outside Dimensions
      • Width 78.5  Length 83.5” Headboard 35”
      • Made for a King Mattress (76x80)
      • Cal King Outside Dimensions
      • Width  74.5” Length 87.5” Headboard 35”
      • Made for a Cal King Mattress (72x84)
      To Assemble Your Frame:  
      Your Sandia headboard and frame does not come pre-assembled. It is helpful to have an second set of hands to assemble the headboard. The directions are included in the kit. We recommend laying out all the parts first, read the instructions and then begin assembly.

      You will need your own #2 Phillips Screw Drive and a rubber mallet OR regular hammer.  The shoulder screw construction allows for a really snug fit.  These connectors are tapped lightly into your mallet of hammer.  A wood tapping block is provided for you in your kit, and you can use this with block and a regular hammer.

      Sandia Platform Bed Frame is made by Nomad Furniture

      This beautiful Sandia Platform Bed Frame is made by Nomad Furniture. Your frame is made to order, since each bed is available in different woods hardwoods, different sizes, with different head boards and foot boards and are made for different mattress thicknesses.

      Please note that wood is a natural product and will vary in color, grain and texture.  The best efforts are put forth to match the wood on the exposed pieces.  Unseen parts like the inside pieces and slats may have small defects.

      What you need to keep in mind

      Your Sandia Frame and its headboard does not come assembled. Our beds are completely knocked down.  This frame can be assembled between 30-45minutes. The assembly process is fun but care must be taken and the project cannot be rushed. We have received many letters from young people to the elderly telling us that they not only assembled their bed successfully but how much they loved the process and appreciated Nomad Furniture’s quality workmanship.

      Inspect your boxes and frame when they arrive

      Nomad Furniture has been packing boxes for shipment for years and much care is taken in this process. Rarely is there ever a problem.  

      As soon as FedEx delivers your order look for any unusual damage to the box. Before opening the box, do take photos of potential damage. Open the box and take a look at the parts, and notice any damaged parts and take pictures before removing from them from the box.  Photos are way to communicate to the FedEx and to Nomad Furniture. 

      If, on the rare chance, there are damaged parts...

      If there is damage call us as soon as possible and email us with pictures of the damage. If we agree there is damage that is the fault of the supplier your part will be replaced.  If the damage is the result of the shipper we will need to have evidence to make a claim. In no case should you return the bed without authorization. If a bed is returned the buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs plus the cost of any parts damaged in shipping.


      We guarantee all of our products to be free of defects in materials or craftsmanship. During the first 60 days most problems will be evident.  Call us for return instructions and we will pay the freight.  After 60 days of normal use, simply return any part that is defective and we will repair or replace it at no cost for the parts to the original owner for 5 years.  Freight charges after 60 days are not included in this warranty. 


      The Key Reasons Why Our Frames Don’t Teeter

      What makes these frames so substantial and long lasting?

      Shoulder Screw Construction They are fabricated to ensure that the crosspiece side rails that attach to the legs are snug and secure. This is done with internal fasteners called shoulder screw connectors.

      Each crosspiece is fitted with an embedded steel harness that aligns to fit over the shoulder screws on each leg. The rail is lowered over the screws and tapped down lightly with a mallet.

      The frame is firm and snug. The steel shoulder screw joint, joining the rails to the legs, is fixed and solid. This is one significant component that creates the fact this frame that will not wobble. These are no external screws, bolts or nails used to join the rails to the legs. The substantial and attractive appeal of each frame absolutely adds to the appearance of any bedroom.

      True Craftsmanship since 1982 A different component to receiving a frame that does not wobble is the fact that each leg and each side rail and headboard is thoroughly measured, so that there are no mistakes. Faulty engineering can possibly be the down all, essentially, to receiving a sturdy frame.

      Hardwood Construction  Using hardwoods of Oak and Maple ensures a sturdy frame that can last for ages. There is NO cut-rate material used in these frames. That means that there is no laminate, particleboard or low-grade plywood in these frames. Softer woods like pine can dent and bruise easily. Hardwoods are more resistant to every day wear and tear.

      Hardwoods endure warping, cupping, marring, abrasion, wear and moisture. This sentence says a lot! Hardwood furniture is far superior to all other wood available, even more so when used as a bed frame. You don’t wan that frame to keel over in the middle of the night.

      The Slat Set Another aspect of receiving a bed that won’t wobble is that you are held up on a frame that has furniture grade poplar slats. Poplar is a hardwood that is far strong than pine or laminated slats. Having a substantial slat set is vital in order to transfer the weight of the mattress and you evenly throughout the foundation. When shopping, don’t forget to ask about the material used for the slats.

      An essential part of the construction is that each Full, Queen, King and Cal King is crafted with a centerboard. The Full and Queen have one, and the King and Cal King have two. Speaking of strong! You are aptly supported underneath it where it is essential. When the foundation is strong, you can be assured that your bed will not break down.

      In Summary:  Our Nomad Furniture Platform Bed Frames are made with the highest integrity. They have a top-notch reputation as a conscientious and honest business. This integrity is reflected in each piece of furniture that leaves the warehouse. What you get is a piece of furniture that is impeccably designed to last and last for several years to come. The next generation may actually inherit one of these pieces!

      The use of Oak and Maple Hardwoods guarantees that they will be more resistant to everyday wear and tear.

      The shoulder screw construction creates a frame that fits snugly and tightly together to minimize any wobble in the frame.

      A superior slat set made from furniture grade poplar is insurance you that you have solid foundation beneath you.

      The end product is a frame that is well designed for both form and function. You get a lovely piece of furniture that enhance any bedroom.



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