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Futon Mattres - Classic 8 inch

Futon Mattres - Classic 8 inch

$ 203.00

Our Classic Futon is Filled With Cotton-Poly Batting (93% Cotton, 7% Polyester) Wrapped Around a Textile Fiber Pad



  •  The Classic is constructed with a Textile Fiber Pad in the center for added support, then wrapped with a Cotton-Poly Batting
  • The Textile Fiber Pad is a patented process mixing together cotton, polyester-fiber, and small quantity of shredded polyurethane foam 
  • Our Classic Futon Mattress has a polyester cover and comes in Seven different colors.  Kids love the red and blue!  
  • ONLY The Classic Futon is available in the Cot Size 30" x75" to fit the narrow Platform Frame 
  • Borates are used as an alternative to fire retardant chemicals
  • All mattresses meet industry standards for flame tests
  • Bed Bugs Don't like this Mattress 
  • This futon gives you a Medium-soft firmness
  • Side seams measure 6 inches for an 8" loft
  • This futon has great flexibility and can be used as a couch and a bed 
  • Weight: Twin: 47 lbs., Full 50 lbs, Queen 60 lbs.
  • Custom sizes available, contact us for a quote at 800-778-2998 or

The Care and Turning of Your Futon

Your futon arrives compressed from shipping. Importantly, do not let your futon sit in the box for too many days without opening it. To regain its natural loft, remove the plastic and let the futon air for a day. You may want to give it a whip shake to bounce air back into it. 
Your futon will last and last for years to come when it is turned and flipped on a regular basis. This insures that it will wear evenly. Futons love to be aired out to avoid moisture build up.  When making you bed, pull back the covers and let your mattress breathe. If possible, periodically pull your futon out into the sunshine.
Rarely does your futon emit any smell at all.  Airing out your futon when it arrives, dissipates any smell from shipping. Some people detect an "earthy" smell of the raw cotton fiber.  
Colored futon covers may have a very slight smell from the dye. These are low impact dyes and this too will go away when aired.  

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