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Northern Naturals has been researching non-toxic products for your home and bedroom since 1998.

We offer a variety of environmentally sensitive products for people like you who take an interest in ecology, healthy living and a home that is free from nasty chemicals especially in the bedroom.

We also align with the things you value most.

Here at Northern Naturals we have been around since well before the explosion of online businesses, and continue to stand at the leading edge of information (please visit our blog for more in-depth info) that will help make your bedroom and sleep zone as chemical-free and non-toxic as possible.

We offer wonderful lines of Futons and Sleeping Pads without fire retardants, Platform Bed Frames the wood for them comes from managed sustainable forests, pure 100% Latex Mattress Toppers for a more comfortable night's sleep, along with our very popular line of Wool Mattress Toppers, Hypoallergenic Pillows, 100% Cotton Area Rugs and more.

We have affordable, clean goods for green homes and those that want to head in that direction.

As an online storefront, Northern Naturals does the research for you.

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching our product line and building relationships with our manufacturers so you don't have to do this legwork and we can ask the tough questions when needed.

We have certain criteria that we seek to meet.

Top on our list is the integrity of the product to ensure that they are as chemical-free as possible.

Naturally, we care about the integrity of our suppliers too, to make sure that the products they produce are durable, clean and well made.

Likewise, we also want to make sure that they have your best interests at heart, and this means that they are available to us for questions and that they get your product out in a timely manner.

We are really delighted with each and every one of our suppliers, from the manufacturer of our platform beds to the folks who create our non-toxic futons to our suppliers of latex and wool mattress toppers to our pillow makers.

We have a good working relationship with each one. We trust their integrity as business owners and trust their supply chain of the raw the materials that go into the end product. Again we have done the painstaking research. 

Northern Naturals offers products that last and last for years to come.

We have so many happy customers.

Because we have been in business for so long, we have many repeat customers that come back to us because they know they can trust us and trust in the quality of the products that they have received.

Our product knowledge helps you select the best possible combination that is right for you. We listen to your needs with our years of experience and when you call Northern Naturals, you talk to the owners of the business.

Lynda Leonard and David Castle.

As a small company with a big vision, you get personalized customer service like nowhere else. We handle each order, each call, and each inquiry with the care because we are the ones directly accountable to you.

It was decided long ago that we wanted to keep with an online business so we can keep our costs of operation to a minimum.

These cost savings are passed along to our customers.

Our prices are fair and affordable.

Many of our products prices have not been raised in over five years and in some cases, we have actually lowered the prices to the customer when a price break has been handed over to us.

Who else does this? We know of no-one who cuts their own profit margin to make the products more affordable to young families and folks who need our products and might be a bit financially challenged.

As owners, our healthy living values lead the way in making business decisions that impact your life. We, ourselves, take pride in having proper diets and vital exercise, as well as practices of meditation and contemplation.

It is from this platform that we align with the best for you.