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Latex Mattress Toppers: Soft, Medium & Firm

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(Advise, Please Read:  Many people shop by price for Latex Toppers.  Here is our #1 Tip.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  The source and manufacturer of the Latex DOES make a difference.

Our latex toppers are produced here in the USA by Mountain Top Foam www.mountaintopfoam.com .  Lower priced latex can be found, but it may be missing the quality, durability and consistency that we offer. Encouraging you to shop wisely and stay informed.)

  • The #1 reason people buy a topper is because their current mattress is too firm.
  • Created to go on top of your Futon or any type of mattress.
  • Extremely Durable. Latex Rubber retains it shape better than any other foam.
  • This open cell foam construction is not HOT, it circulates air. 
  • Air flows through the topper to moderate your body heat. 
  • 6-9x more breathable than Memory Foam Toppers.
  • Our pure latex toppers have No Artificial Fillers like clay or talc.
  • Developed Utilizing the Dunlop Procedure.
  • Our toppers offer 30-50% more support than Talalay.
  • Naturally Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.
  • Mold and Mildew resistent.
  • ILD Rating 14. Soft and Plush.  3.8 lbs/cubic ft.  
  • ILD Rating 19. Medium Cushiony feel. Consistency is 4.75 lbs/cubic foot.
  • ILD Rating 27 Consistency is 5.2 lbs/cubic foot.  Medium Firm 
  • Complies Oeko-Tex Standards for keeping noxious compounds out of your bedding.
  • Made in the US By Mountain Top Foam 
  • Custom sizes available, call us for a quote. 
  • ALSO NOTE: We highly recommend purchasing either a Bamboo or Terry-Poly Cover. Covers protect your topper from the accumulation of lint, hair and dust and can prolong the life of your topper. They have a zipper on three sides for easy care.


Latex Mattress Toppers: Soft, Medium & Firm

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