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Thinking about a Latex Topper? Read This.

Thinking about a Latex Topper?  Read This.
"I am THRILLED with my latex topper! Don't believe the hype that a foam topper and a latex topper are anything like one another.
I've had a foam topper for the past year, and have had back, neck, and shoulder pain rather consistently. Being fed up with these issues, I began doing my research.
I learned that foam toppers not only hold in the heat and make you sweat---but also the chemicals used in their process emit vapors that cause all types of issues.
I also learned that most of those toppers are not straight foam---they are layered, and those layers were causing me pain. Now that I am a latex "fan", I see and feel the difference.
I no longer have back, neck, and shoulder pain. I am no longer sweating all night long. I am sleeping on a cushy cloud, that cradles me without enveloping me so I can actually get out of the bed
with ease. I am SO HAPPY to be cool, comfortable, and not breathing dangerous vapors. It is hard to believe I am now sleeping through the night in comfort...but this surely is the case.
I LOVE this topper. My only regret is that I didn't get this sooner. An added word here---this is a lovely company with which to do business. They stand behind their product and will spend the time to actually talk to you to make sure you get exactly what you need....a real rarity in this day and age. My overall experience was easy, expedient, and in the end....I am a happy customer.
Thank you Northern Naturals!"  Sharon

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  • Lynda Leonard
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