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Ten Benefits to Buying a Platform Bed


A platform bed frame is a bed that supports a mattress either with a solid piece of wood or a slat system. Platform Bed Frames have been around for a very long time, and they are becoming the frame of choice for many. There are many reasons for this trend to be taking hold. Below are ten good reasons why they are growing in popularity.

1) Versatility. Platform bed designs fit with any décor from traditional to contemporary to luxurious to ultra modern. You can easily mix and match dressers and side tables to work with platform bed designs.  

2) You don’t need a box spring.  Platform beds frames are designed to eliminate the need for a box spring. They come either with a solid piece of wood or a slat system. Most slat systems are spaced 3” apart.   This is ample for most mattresses. Latex and memory foam mattresses often come with certain specs requiring that the spacing between the slats be narrower than 3 inches. Manufacturers will have the specs for the correct spacing of the slats. Some bed frame manufacturers will offer customized slat sets to accommodate special mattresses. You can have a box spring, of course, but you don’t need to go and buy one if you already have one.

3) More Under Bed Storage Space. Generally speaking when you have a frame that supports both a box spring and a mattress, the bottom rails have to sit closer to the floor to accommodate the depth and height of the box spring and mattress. With a platform bed, you get more under bed storage. Many platform beds already have built in under bed storage. Others offer under bed storage drawers. These are a fantastic addition. Kids love to put there favorite toys in them and adults often store extra blankets or bulky items in this space saving option.

4) Ease of Assembly. Many platform beds are now sold on line. This is a great advantage to the customer. The frame can be shipped right to your door. Most often frames ordered on line are designed for easy assembly.   In the industry they are called knock down frames. Basically it means that these frames can be knocked down in the sequence that they were assembled. So if you want to move the frame from one room to the other, or moving to a new location, your frame will be easy to disassemble as well as assemble.

5) Design and Function. Platform bed frames come in a range of designs. One can get everything from a basic minimal frame without a headboard to a platform bed with a headboard and footboard. These frames are Ideal for all sizes of rooms. With their clean and contemporary designs, platform beds frames are a perfect visual solution to perk up any bedroom décor.  


6) Affordable. In their simplicity, platform beds generally have streamlined designs that require less material. This savings is passed along to the customer. These frames are considered to be the most affordable on the market.

7) Availability. Contemporary trends lean toward the platform bed as the bed of choice. Japan of course is famous for their minimalist designs in bedroom furniture and the western world has now caught up to this trend.

8) Strong, Durable and Stable. These frames withstand years of stress and use. A good manufacturer will make a frame that does not wobble or wiggle part at the joints.  The owner assembles most frames; therefore, careful consideration is given to the way they are designed so they are easy to set up. This is essential to any manufacturer’s reputation.

9) Custom Options. Often Platform Bed Frames sit lower to the floor than conventional beds. This is preferable you many, but some manufacturers do offer custom options so that the platform can be raised, headboards designed to accommodate deeper mattresses, and slat systems with options.

10) Choice of Material. You can find platform beds made with everything from leather to wood to metal to upholstery. The choices are growing as the platform bed increases in popularity.

In Summary: Platform bed frames are climbing in popularity. They are often more affordable than conventional box spring and mattress frames.   These strong and durable frames will last and last for years to come; they are easy to assemble, and offer more under bed storage space.  These frames are so versatile; and, with all the different materials they are made from now they can fit into almost any décor.



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  • Dave Castle
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