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Buckwheat Hull of Millet-Filled Pillow? Which one should I choose?

Buckwheat Hull of Millet-Filled Pillow? Which one should I choose? 0

Essentially, each filling will feel the same. These pillows will be firm and each pillow gives you a custom fit for your head, neck and shoulders.

Here are some differences though: Buckwheat hulls themselves are larger than the millet hulls. These hulls will rustle somewhat more when you move. Millet Hulls are tiny and they make little sound when you shift about. Millet hulls are not “softer” than buckwheat hulls, but they do feel “softer” because they are tiny, round, and smooth.

All hull pillows create a very nice airflow and remain cool is the summer and warm in the winter. Buckwheat hulls ventilate more easily given their large irregular shape. This will make a difference for those who tend to perspire at night and wake up to a damp pillow every morning.

What the Heck is Kapok? And what is it used for? 0

I love trees, the bigger the better. I grew up in the Northeast where I climbed maple trees in our yard and napped under the old oak tree in the field. Ever since I acquired Northern Naturals, I have had a fascination with the Kapok tree and its kapok fiber that stuffs the pillows that are sold by Northern Naturals. I have a strong desire to travel to the rain forest to experience a Kapok tree up close and personal. Short of a plane ticket, I was able to view these giants online.

At 150-200 feet tall and 9-10 feet in diameter, the kapok tree towers over the canopy of the rainforest. Its buttress planks stabilize the tree and spread out about 30ft. It is quite a sight to behold. They house all sorts of birds and mammals use the branches as a highway. Even frogs cuddle up to this tree where the water collects between the folds of the side bark.

Not only is it a majestic giant in these tropical climates, the trees are providing sustainable economics for the indigenous people. Consciously I really align with kapok as a renewable resource that supports the ecology of the forest and people that live there. As a renewable resource, the seedpods of this tree are filled with luxurious, fluffy white fibers. It was most interesting to find out that this fiber is 8x lighter than cotton and several times more buoyant than cork.

I knew kapok was employed to stuff pillows, mattresses and cushions, but being more buoyant than cork really grabbed my attention. Kapok is still used in some life preservers. And, not only that, Kapok is also used as acoustic and thermal insulation.

There are so many amazing benefits to Kapok. Not only is an important tree in the ecosystem, Kapok’s naturally harvested fiber is non-toxic and hypoallergenic making it a perfect fill for pillows for people who have allergies, and is a healthy alternative for those with sensitivities to down filled pillows. It is also moisture resistant and deters mold and dust mites.

Here is a product I can stand behind from the tree’s place in the ecology of the rain forests to the superb benefits Kapok’s silky fiber has for those who desire an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional pillows.




Pillow Talk: Choosing the Right Pillow for You 0

Your pillow is one of the most intimate accessories in your bedroom. Think about it, you spend 6-10 hours a night with your pillow.   The right one affords you a good and restful night’s sleep and provides healthy structural alignment for your body.

Choosing the right pillow is important. The inherent purpose of a pillow is to support your neck and spine. A low quality pillow can have you waking up with a headache, upper back tension and a spine that is out of alignment. Getting the spine aligned often begins with the neck. To have the right support from a pillow is critical, particularly if your neck has been traumatized in any way.

The biggest mistake is made when the pillow is too thick or even too low. This compromises your natural curvature. You want the normal curves of your neck to be supported.   Misalignment causes the muscles to cramp and this is often why many people awake with sore shoulders and stiff necks. A good night’s sleep is essential for optimal functioning. A body that is deeply rested is ready and alert for the day ahead. If you are wrestling during the night to find a comfortable position, you may want to think about replacing your pillow.

The correct pillow is also determined by what position you prefer when sleeping. If you sleep on your side, you want a pillow that supports the head so it is in alignment with your spine. If you sleep on your back, a pillow under your knees is helpful along with a small pillow for your neck. And, for those who sleep on their stomach, a very thin pillow for your head is recommended along with one under your hips.

Most chiropractors will tell you that sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst sleeping positions. Here your neck is tweaked to the side and the body is in abnormal twist for long periods of time. Long cylinder body pillows are often recommended to help break this habitual sleeping position. Body pillows have been a boon for pregnant women and people with chronic back pain as well. It cannot be overemphasized that the correct alignment of the spine while you sleep will greatly reduce body aches and pains and allow you to wake rejuvenated for the day ahead.

There is a growing concern among health professionals and public safety officials about the harmful effects of petroleum based synthetics found in polyurethane foam. These chemicals and fire retardants emit toxic chemicals while sleeping. People particularly sensitive to these smells report headaches, dizziness and neurological impairments.


Because of the growing commitment to one’s health and the importance of creating sleeping environments free from toxic materials, people are turning towards more natural and chemical free products such as down, kapok, pure latex, and buckwheat hull filled alternatives. These materials are non-toxic and you can sleep on pure pillow that will last for years. All of these alternative pillow materials allow the body to conform to your particular body shape giving you the support and comfort your body deserves and desires for a good night’s sleep.