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What Wood Finish is Best for You?

What Wood Finish is Best for You? 0

With all our Nomad Furniture, you have a choice of receiving your furniture finished with Danish Oil, Unfinished, finished with pure Tried and True Oil or with a brown walnut stain on the Oak (only).  

Let’s Look at Your Options:

Danish Oil ~ $0

The standard furniture order is finished with a hand rubbed, Danish Oil unless otherwise specified at check out or on your customized order over the phone.

Nomad Furniture uses Watco Danish Oil. This finish brings the wood alive, it enhances the grain and depth of color; and, protects against water, kids, fingerprints and dirt.

Danish oil consists of a mixture of Tung oil and a varnish. It penetrates into the wood, unlike a film finish, which sits on the surface. That penetration gives a depth to the wood's grain that's hard to achieve with a film finish.

There are chemical “dryers” in the Watco product that allows the oil to dry quickly. All the wood is completely dried, of course, before it is shipped.

Unfinished ~ $0

Some people with sensitivities prefer to receive their furniture unfinished. It will of course be sanded, but there will be no oil applied. You can request that your furniture comes to you unfinished. Please make a note at checkout in the Comment Box at checkout if you want unfinished.

The standard furniture order is finished with hand-rubbed, Danish Oil unless otherwise specified at check out or on your customized order over the phone.

Tried and True Oil ~ $30

For those concerned about sensitivities, this is an excellent choice. This pure oil finish will protect your furniture like the Danish Oil and give your wood a satin sheen without appearing glossy. Furniture can also be finished the old fashion way with Tried and True Oil.   Tried and True is pure linseed oil with no solvents or metallic driers in it.

This is a custom order and this order needs to be placed over the phone at Northern Naturals. 800-778-2998

Walnut Stain for Oak ONLY ~ $30

For those who wish a deeper brown look on their furniture, the Oak can be finished with a Watco Walnut finish.

This is a custom order and this customized order needs to be placed over the phone at Northern Naturals. 800-778-2998

Our Platform Bed Frames Don't Wobble and Here's Why

Our Platform Bed Frames Don't Wobble and Here's Why 0


Platform Bed Construction

Our Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames made by Nomad Furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico are impeccably designed so that you received a frame that won’t wobble.

What makes these frames so strong and durable?

Shoulder Screw Construction They are constructed so that the crosspiece side rails that attach to the legs are snug and secure. This is done with internal hardware called shoulder screw connectors. Each crosspiece is fitted with an imbedded steel harness that aligns to fit over the shoulder screws on each leg. The rail is pushed down over the screws and tapped down gently with a mallet. The frame is tight and snug. The steel shoulder screw joint, connecting the rails to the legs, is fixed and firm. This is one huge component that makes for the fact this frame that will not wobble. These are no external screws, bolts or nails used to affix the rails to the legs. The strong and beautiful appearance of each frame truly adds to the ambience of any bedroom.

True craftsmanship since 1982 Another component to receiving a frame that does not wobble is the fact that each leg and each side rail and headboard is flawlessly measured, so that there are no mistakes.

Faulty engineering can be the down fall, literally, to receiving a sturdy frame. Hardwood construction of Oak and Maple guarantees a durable frame that can last for generations. There is NO cheap material used in these frames. That means that there is no veneer, particleboard or low-grade plywood in these frames. Softer woods like pine can dent and bruise easily. Hardwoods are more resistant to every day wear and tear.

Hardwoods withstand warping, cupping, marring, abrasion, wear and moisture. This sentence says a lot! Hardwood furniture is far superior to any other wood out there, particularly when used as a bed frame. You don’t wan that frame to collapse in the middle of the night. 

The Slat Set Another aspect of receiving a bed that won’t wobble is that you are supported on a frame that has furniture grade poplar slats. Poplar is a hardwood that is far strong than pine or laminated slats. Having a substantial slat set is important in order to transfer the weight of the mattress and you evenly across the foundation. When shopping, don’t forget to ask about the material used for the slats.

An essential part of the construction is that each Full, Queen, King and Cal King is designed with a centerboard. The Full and Queen have one, and the King and Cal King have two.

Talk about strong! You are aptly supported underneath where it is most important. When the foundation is strong, you can be assured that your bed will not collapse.

In Summary: Our Nomad Furniture Platform Bed Frames are made with the highest integrity. They have an excellent reputation as a conscientious and ethical business. This integrity is reflected in each piece of furniture that leaves the warehouse. What you get is a piece of furniture that is impeccably designed to last and last for years to come. The next generation may actually inherit one of these pieces! The use of Oak and Maple Hardwoods guarantees that they will be more resistant to everyday wear and tear. The shoulder screw construction makes for a frame that fits snugly and tightly together to minimize any wobble in the frame. A superior slat set made from furniture grade poplar is assurance you that you have solid foundation beneath you. The end product is a frame that is well designed for both form and function. You get a beautiful piece of furniture that enhance any bedroom.

Shoulder Screws:  What Holds Our Platform Bed Frames Together?

Shoulder Screws: What Holds Our Platform Bed Frames Together? 0

Many people ask how are Platforms Bed Frames are held together.  Are they bolted together or what?  

There is NO external hardware on these Platform Bed Frames.  NO ugly bolts to affix the legs to the side rails.  

The internal use of a shoulder screw harness shown here, slides over two steel screws on the leg. This affords the frame a snug and wobble free fit.  This  brilliant design, is amazingly strong.  

This also makes the frame easy to assemble.  Full instructions are sent with each frame and there is a link available on Nomad Furniture's site.