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Sugar Got A Hold On You?


I know for myself, I start hunting sugar in the afternoon.  I love tip #3, and take this to heart.



Are You a Sugar Addict? 

Why is it that when you start out determined to ‘take control’ and resist the sugary delights on offer, time and again your willpower fails and you end up postponing your resolution till tomorrow? Below are three ways in which sugar triumphs over determination along with some tips to override sugar cravings and kick the addiction.

Route #1: Sugar High 

Sugar (similar to cocaine, a highly addictive substance) induces a ‘high’ by altering brain chemistry and stimulating the reward centers of the brain.


Tip:  Novelty can also stimulate the reward centres of the brain, so be adventurous with both your food and experiences – try tantalizing the senses with aromatherapy or a new dish with exotic spice combinations.

Route #2: Withdrawal Woes

Sugar feeds yeast (such as Candida Albicans), with yeast overgrowth potentially driving sugar cravings. Starving it to death may lead to unpleasant ‘die-off’ reactions, similar to ‘withdrawal’ symptoms. Expect to feel s**t when you quit.

Tip: Cut out processed foods and added sugars as a first step, and choose natural, non-sugar alternatives to sweeten such as lucuma powder or freeze-dried bee pollen.

Route #3: Snack Attack 

Sugar provides an easy emergency ‘fix’ when your blood sugar levels drop too low. The body goes into panic mode causing an adrenaline release to orchestrate an emergency response. For an immediate sugar ‘hit’, the brain steers you towards grabbing the next sugary snack.


Tip: Eat regularly and avoid sugary snacks. Combine foods containing natural sugars such as fruit with a protein-or fat rich food instead.

These are just three out of many ways in which sugar short-circuits your hard-wiring, so can it be classified as an ADDICTION?

If we accept the definition of Addiction as ‘loss of control over drug use or the compulsive seeking and taking of drug despite adverse consequences’*, then YES!

So take heart that it’s not just a case of poor willpower that is holding you hostage. You now have the knowledge to quell that sugar craving the next time it comes knocking.

Reprinted by permission from Balanced Living.  Article By Lisa McConnell, Functional Nutrition Therapist, GAPS Practitioner, Balanced Living


* http://neuroscience.mssm.edu/nestler/glossary.html

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