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Sleep like a Baby: Eight Simple Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep like a Baby: Eight Simple Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Make your bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary so sleep comes easily.   Try any of these Eight tips and see if they make a difference in the quality of your sleep.

1)  Give yourself time to decompress by reading a book or listen to relaxing music. Lullabies were created just for this reason. 

2) When it is time to turn off the lights, also turn off all your electronic devises: your phone, computer, stereo, radio and TV. By cutting off all  extraneous noise and distractions, you give your body the message that it is time to rest. 

3) Make the room as dark as possible.

4) Relax your body with progressive letting go techniques like breathing and muscle relaxation.

5) Crack your window a bit for fresh air to flow in.

6) Make your bed as comfortable and cozy as possible. 

7)  Make sure you have a pillow that is really the correct support for your head, neck and shoulder position. 

8) Do make sure your bed is not out-gassing harmful chemicals that disturb your nervous system.


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  • Lynda Leonard
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