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Why We LOVE Nomad Furniture

Why We LOVE Nomad Furniture

We LOVE Nomad Furniture because #1, it is a sheer pleasure to work with the owner Dave Cady whose honesty and integrity is built into every piece of furniture.

We confidently sell his platform beds and other bedroom pieces because we know you are getting a quality frame that is both beautiful, functional and built to last. 

Dave has been in business for over 30 years.  He knows design and he knows the function. You get a piece that is affordable and will last for years to come.  His frames don't wobble; they are snug and tight.  

Dave does not gouge his prices and we get to give you furniture from solid hardwood at a VERY, VERY reasonable, affordable price.  In fact, we believe we have the best prices around.  

Plus, he is willing to customize your frame.  

His workmanship is outstanding in his field.  Rarely do you find a manufacturer that will customize a frame, making it higher or lower, or giving you extra slats, or an extra gap for those thick mattresses or finishing it with non-toxic oils. But this is exactly what Nomad Furniture does. Each frame is made to order with your particular requests and specifications.

Most of the bed frames in the marketplace that you see are made overseas.  They are manufactured in factories that make the same spec frame over and over again with a limited choice of woods and finish.  Thousands are shipped in containers to the US and distributed to wholesalers who turn around and retail them.  As the frame changes hands, the price keeps going up and up on mediocre quality.  There is no ability to customize an order on these imported frames.  

Nomad Furniture recognized the need for customized frames early on from customers who needed this and that added to their purchase.   This is customer service at its finest.  This is how it came to pass that you can get a higher or lower platform to fit the needs of the customer, and get a customized fit for your extra thick mattress.  

Certain mattresses like latex mattresses and the like have special slat spacing requirements.  The conventional slat spacing is 3”, and Nomad Furniture offers premium slat sets or filler slat sets that reduce the spacing to 1.5” and .5” respectively.  Most imported frames offer only the standard spacing.  This will not meet warranty requirements for your high-end mattress.   Nomad meets all the industry’s requirements.

And not only can you get a customized, American made frame at a budget-friendly price, Nomad’s bed frames and furniture, are made to last.  Nothing is better than a solid hardwood frame, made with impeccable craftsmanship and constructed with internal hardware made from steel.  These frames don’t wobble.  This is a sign of the care that has been put into the design and function.   The man behind this company, Dave Cady, is the man you will want to buy your frame from.  He is truly a really nice guy who stands behind his customers and the product he puts out. 


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