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What A Spiritual Path Actually Is (And How To Know If You're On It)

"For me, spirituality is about embracing the infinite possibilities for how life can express itself."...
  • Patrick Paul Garlinger

The Single Trait That Determines Your Success In Relationships & Attractiveness To Others

Everyone is one of these three "types" in their relationships. Which one are you (and what does that mean for the future of your relationships?)...
  • Dr. Emma Seppälä

Ever Get That Smoothie Bloat Feeling? Here's How To Avoid It

A simple but powerful change....
  • Rachel Druckenmiller

We All Know We Should Spend More Time Outside. Here's How To Actually Do It

The more you love your new hobby, the more it will feel like a treat rather than a chore....
  • Ashley McCann

Want Blissful Sleep? Make Sure You're Not Missing These 3 Things

Ayurveda teaches that lack of proper sleep not only puts us in poor mental states but also deteriorates our memory and hampers our focus and creativity....
  • Fern Olivia

5 Powerful Folk Medicine Remedies That Are In Your Backyard

Need to detox? Step into your backyard......
  • Milda Zolubaite