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Children’s Health Tip: Tips for Managing Your Child’s Weight

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Is your child overweight? Here are steps you can take to help your child form new health habits:

  • Eat meals together. This will give you more control over the food your child eats. Learn about differences between good and bad fats and good and bad carbohydrates. Minimize consumption of fast food and snack foods.
  • Consult “The Healthy Kitchen” – the book I wrote with Rosie Daley – for concise information on nutrition as well as easy recipes. Family mealtimes also give parents an opportunity to find out what their kids are worried about so they can address any stress that might underlie emotional eating.
  • Encourage physical activity. Schools have cut back on physical education classes and extracurricular sports programs so it’s now up to parents to make sure that their kids get daily exercise. Try to make this a family activity.
  • Curb screen time: Limit the time your child watches television, plays video games or sits at the computer.

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