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Wool Mattress Topper

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No natural fiber regulates your body temperature like wool.

The structure of the wool fiber is incredbly unique as it allows air to flow easily. Because it is so breathable, the wool fiber absorbs and releases water vapor from your body. This wicking process keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You see, when you sleep on a wool mattress topper, your body temperature is naturally regulated. Wool Fleece creates its own little micro-climate. You experience a more peaceful night's sleep because you are not tossing and turning putting covers on and taking them off to try and get the right temperature while you are sleeping.

We don't often associate the use of wool in the summer, but wool actually wicks moisture from your body so you don't get clammy and sweaty from too much perspiration.

This is so interesting, one sole wool fiber can wick 30% of its mass. Now that's a lot of wicking power.

No more sweaty bed sheets! This is a huge benefit on those "Heat Generating" mattresses.

Likewise during the winter, you are well insulated from the cold as the warm air from your body heat is trapped in the air around the fibers, keeping you comfortable all night long. 


Health Benefits of 100% American Merino Wool
  • American wool is far superior to foreign imports because of its springiness.
  • You'll find this benefit makes these toppers really cozy and it adds to the life of your mattress.
  • This product is incredibly durable and resilient, and it will last and last for years to come.
  • Excellent product to relieve pressure points.  
  • No toxic materials are used in the creation of these mattress toppers; therefore there is no out-gassing that pollutes the environment or your home.
This fact that there are no toxic materials in these toppers is so important to your sleep!
  • There are NO fire retardants in these porducts as wool is naturally fire resistant.
  • Wool repels dust mites and bacteria does not grow in wool.
  • These toppers are non-allergenic and not known to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Wool is a renewable resource and is 100% natural.
Cleaning and Care of Your Wool Mattress Topper
Very little cleaning is required of your wool topper. You see, wool's natural low static and lanolin fiber stands up to dust, soiling and liquids. Yes, from time to time you will want to re-loft the fibers of the topper to restore its natural buoyancy. One really easy thing you can do it take it off the bed and give it a good whip-shake outside. On that wonderful sunny day, let it bask in the sunshine for a bit while you drink your tea and read the paper on your tablet.You can also vacuum them with the hose attachment to help restore their loft.
FYI!  The cotton backed mattress toppers will need to be dry-cleaned rather than washing them in the machine just to avoid any shrinkage of the cotton backing.  Polyester Backed Covers can be machine washed at home in a light detergent (no beach) and fluff dry or hang them out on the line.


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